PT Ghani Perkasa Sejahtera is a company engaged in services which has systems and/or programs that can help maximize and optimize your business.
GPS Pro is a smart solution that we present to simplify business management and achieve your business goals.


Brand Activation & Acquisition

We offer Brand Activation and Acquisition services for your Brands and Products (Digital & Non-Digital) using an Effective & Accurate method at an affordable cost.


Marketing, Advertising, and Sales

We offer Marketing, Advertising and Sales services for your Brand and Products (Digital & Non-Digital) using Effective & Accurate methods at affordable costs.

ZAVACO Enterprise is a special division prepared in the fields of technology services, multimedia services and event organizers to maximize Marketing, Advertising and Sales.


Research & Link

We optimize our human resources to become researchers who are able to collect data easily, quick and accurately at affordable price.

And also we provide optimization, support and connect your every business need to achieve your business goals. Including the procurement of goods, construction of residences, as well as its facilities and infrastructure.

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